One of the social projects developed at the Olympic Golf Course has been having a very positive impact and attracting all the visitors attention: The Olympic Legacy Maintainers project. It aims to increase sports practise through social inclusion and environmental awareness as well as train people for golf course operations labor, increase golf tourism in Rio de Janeiro and, of course, improve brazilian golfers performance in the world ranking.
The project provides technical and financial support to 300 kids, students up to 18 years old, in learning and developing golf practice. These students are nominated by the maintainers or the Rio OGC staff.

Golf scholarships for young people from social programs and from public or private schools are an opportunity for them to benefit from weekly group golf lessons, along with generating new opportunities for professional development as athletes, as caddies or in golf course maintenance operations.

The maintainers follow the young sponsor’s development monthly through reports made by the Rio OGC staff. In addition, they have free access to the practise course and game course with handicap any day of the week, 2 free balls buckets per day and the right to invite another golfer to play together with a 20% discount on the daily green fee plus free parking. In case they don’t have handicap, they can take weekly group lessons.