The Olympic Games arose around the 8th century BC in Greece and are considered one of the most prestigious events in the world. They occurred in the city of Olympia, hence the origin of the name Olympics. The first athlete to win the race was Corobeu in 776 B.C. According to mythology, the games were created by the hero Hercules, son of Zeus. After accomplishing the toughest task, Hercules decided to inaugurate the sports festival, honoring his father.

The Olympics bring together various modalities in which the games are transmitted to the public either through the media or in the arenas. Among them is Golf which was at the Olympic sports board in 1900; but in the 1904 Olympics it had its last appearance, being out for more than a century, returning 112 years later to Rio 2016.

The Olympic Golf Course which was designed by the american architect Gilbert Hanse with eighteen holes and two lakes is a reference in the sector. A fact that caught the golfers attention during the Olympic Games competition was the “company” of alligators, capybaras, sloths, anteaters, among other species. The course was projected for Rio 2016 and has since then been open to the public.