History of golf

Golf’’s history and origins are somehow mysterious and undefined depending on the historian and the point of view. The most likely idea is that it was developed by the Scottish who practiced it around the year 1400. In 1457, King James II banned golf in Scotland but many of them continued to play it in different locations, making holes in the land and using wooden clubs. The goal was to put the balls inside the holes with the least number of shots.

St. Andrews is the oldest golf course in the world and it is located in Scotland. It was opened in the early 16th century. In addition to it, The Gentlemen Golfers of Leith was the first golf club built in 1744 and it hosted an annual competition in which a silver trophy was the prize. The sport’s popularization began in the 16th century, nonetheless, it was limited to the richest people. In 1860 it was already a sport known by everyone.

This sport can be played individually or in groups of 2 till 4 players. One of its curiosity is that you don’t have an “opponent”, the golfer’s only opponent is the course itself. Each one plays aiming to reduce their total score on the course.