Social Projects

The project “Golf I want you Golf in Schools” developed at the Olympic Golf Course aims to bring environmental education and the first contact with golf to students from public schools.

Upon arrival at the course, students are directed to a room where they attend to golf and environmental education lectures as well as learn about the fauna and flora of the Olympic Golf Course. Furthermore, they participate in debates about sustainability and environmental preservation.

After learning about the sport, which stimulates attention, concentration, activities termination, assimilation of loss and gain, chivalry, notion of space, interaction with group, among others, children have the first contact with the sport in an Olympic course which is a unique opportunity for those who mostly only knew golf on television.

Teachers show students how to handle the golf club, the posture for the best range of the ball, as well as all the basics of the sport. What’s more, they answer all the students and school teachers questions, who can also take their first shots on an Olympic course. Encouraging the practice of golf is always highly praised by those who have already participated in the program, as it is a way of improving the behavior of students through sport, since it is necessary to have focus, coordination, concentration and tranquility, characteristics that students can develop with this practice. The Golf in Schools project promotes environmental and sustainable issues, social inclusion and sports incentives. Not to mention that students leave the mark of the school on the course when they plant a seedling.

This is another Olympic legacy developed by the Olympic Golf Course.